About Successful Entrepreneur Institute

We are a non-profit Institute for development of social entrepreneurship named Successful Entrepreneur. We specialize in the field social entrepreneurship. We believe in creativity, kindness of people and active participation.

We provide a platform for people who want to become social entrepreneurs. Therefore we offer:

  • workshops and trainings about social entrepreneurship,
  • various entrepreneurial workshops from marketing to legislation and creating your own landing page,
  • social business consulting.

Because we're so passionate about what we do, we organize international conferences to share good case practices, to share knowledge and skills to create even bigger impact.

We do a lot of promotion of social entrepreneurship also through writing articles and collaborating in TV and radio shows.


We want a world where creativity, kindness and active participation will be part of everyone's lives. We want to impact society to create more opportunities, more innovations and more possibilities. We're striving to co-create a new economy in Slovenia.


To make our vision come true we organize workshops for organizations, groups and individual business consulting and we provide the environment to develop social entrepreneurial innovations.

Our organization is using the latest methodologies and tools to provide the best knowledge and skills to our participants on interactive workshops.

We support individuals and organizations who solve social problems with entrepreneurial tools.


Our values are lifelong learning, honesty, solidarity, active participation and having fun in what we do.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us as we're always opened for new partnerships, sharing good case practices or creating events. You can contact us via e-mail on info@uspesen-podjetnik.si. We will answer your e-mail as soon as poissible ;)

Successful Entrepreneur and Social Entrepreneurship